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Tripod Fighting Machine WIP by Cryptdidical
Tripod Fighting Machine WIP
After so long, finally found the motivation to work on the Tripod some more. Given him some more important details. Hardest trick yet is to give him lighting. Maybe I'll be able to make that film after all.
Spore: Alien Queen by Cryptdidical
Spore: Alien Queen
From Duke Nukem 3D. The Alien Queen is the mother of the Protector Drones, and leader of the new Alien Invasion force for Earth after the demise of the Cycloid Emperor at the hands of Duke Nukem.
Spore: Cephaloid Scout Machine by Cryptdidical
Spore: Cephaloid Scout Machine
The Cephaloid Scout Machine was designed for speed and agility, less for combat and direct confrontation. With the exposed Cephaloid occupant, they become easy targets when spotted, but their quiet maneuverability allows them to sneak upon enemy installations and squads virtually unoticed. They are not equipped with heavy weaponry, but do carry a pair of light Heat-rays for protection.
Been reworking a lot of my older Duke Nukem Spore creations. Now with Dark Injection and near unlimited restrictions on part usage, I can make them more accurate and funky.
Watch out for more!


Cryptdidical's Profile Picture
Christopher Fahey
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hello there!
I'm Chris, a hobbit-sized ambitious individual with a vibrant creative nature. My deeper interests lie with various works of fiction (ie: War of the Worlds incase you hadn't already noticed) and the ever deepening enigma into the paranormal.
I aspire to me a film director, a massive task ahead of me to achieve, but I do my best to get there. It's where I feel I can make a difference and put my talents to good use.
Please be my guest and take a good browse through my various pictures and images that I put here from time to time. I'd love to hear what you'd have to say about it, so by all means let me know! :)

I thought I might get into a habit of writing journals more often on Deviantart. Although I dont really have much to say, it keeps me a little more active here inbetween uploading pictures and other junk.
An update while I'm here.
Had a crazy idea for a film to make with some chums, but knowing me it probably wont go anywhere.
In a nutshell, the idea involves a tongue-in-cheek plotline.

Two best mates, part of an elite branch of commandos ( I am unfamiliar with military specifics, so through some research I think I can fabricate something nicely rediculous. ) are dispatched to take down a maniacal scientist hellbent on overthrowing the world's united forces and governments so that he can claim the planet for his own. Nice and cliche. For many months they have been on his trail, and now it seems they have him cornered and exposed for attack... so they believe.
Whilst assaulting the scientists base, both characters get caught in a tight situation, ultimately underestimating the villains abilities and are nearly captured. The secondary protagonist gets decapitated whilst the main character flees, having lost his right arm in the struggle.
Overthrown by survivors guilt, the main character resigns from the military and secludes himself to his home. 5 months pass, when he is approached by the young attractive love interest (She works for an organisation that is being put together to stop the villain once and for all). She calls upon him for assistance, during his absence the villain has been causing all kinds of brutal shit, and no one has been able to stand against him. Only the main character can put the villain back in his place... in a hole... with sharp things. Since the loss of his friend and his arm, he hasn't felt like a whole man. But swearing vengeance on his fellow comrade, he agrees to help.
This is where the real story begins.
Through a delicate procedure of cybernetic augmentation, our hero is given a new arm. Taking the image of a bad ass cyborg hero. But still he requires training, so for a warm up he is sent out to intercept a squad of android soldiers that have taken over a genetic research facility. In success, they begin to wonder what the villain could possibly want with this particular facility.
Hearing of this news, the Villain devises a scheme to keep himself protected and to kill the main character. With the body of his friend, the villain creates an obscure mechanical replacement head for the body and reanimates him. Through a tedious process, the villain hopes to have retained as much of his friend's memory and emotions and much as possible to make him a truly worthy foe for the protagonist. Lying to his... face-thing, the villain informs his friend that he was left for dead by the protagonist and that being the merciful man that he is, saved what he could of him because he cherishes life ( a downright piece of bullshit ). Fueled by anger and revenge, the friend now swears to kill the protagonist for leaving him to die, ruining his life. ( Personally this character is my favorite, I've always thought the idea of someone having their head replaced with a mechanical part a awesome idea, so that's where the story really spawned from ).
I have some more ideas in my head, but they dont make sense yet, need to do some more brainstorming. Still, this is all a really rough concept, but It sounds like a crazy piece of fun if I can get some friends to be part of it.

Apart from this I've just been watching films and TV shows. Waiting to muster the courage to get another project started, or at least finished.

  • Listening to: All kinds of songs...
  • Watching: Youtube, a lot of Youtube
  • Playing: The Doom Games

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